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Supplements for dog food

Sometimes dog food can be confusing. What is healthy? What is the best food to feed?

But talking about supplements can be even more confusing.

Do you feed your dog supplements?

Should you?

Is there enough in your dogs food?

If you should, what supplements should you feed?

There can be a lot of overwhelming information about what to add to your dogs diet.

In this podcast I go into detail what supplements I feed my dog and why I have chosen them.

Some important things to remember when it comes to supplements:

First make sure that you are feeding your dog a high quality food that is grain free.

Use natural products

Minimize chemicals

Six nutrients that are important in keeping dogs healthy:

- Minerals

- Vitamins

- Essential Amino Acids

- Super Food Greens

- Essential Fatty Oils

- Probiotics

In this podcast, I also list the supplements that I feed my dogs and why. Below is a list of the supplements that I have chosen.

- Hemp seeds or hemp oil

- Coconut oil

- Probiotics

- Seasonal Fruits and Veggies

- Phytoplankton

- Tumeric

- Larch Arabinogalactan

I rotate and provide a variety, not the same supplements every day, all the time.

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