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Crystals, Chakras & your Pet!

How you can work with Crystals and your Pet's Chakra System

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If you're anything like me, you consider your pets a part of your family and you do all that you can to ensure that they are healthy, happy, and living a high quality life. I spend my days assisting other pet parents to live in harmony with their animals. Many of us have brought animals in to our life, only to discover that amidst the love and joy our pets bring us, we also can experience health issues and behavioural problems that cause us frustration, heartbreak and even anger.

When it comes to my own health, I try to do all that I can to prevent any health issues before they occur. I do this by exercising, eating foods that make my body feel good, keeping my stress to a minimum, and being aware my energy. Stress and the energy that I surround myself with influence my physical health and mental health. Animals are the same way. All living beings have a chakra system.

When you work with an animal's energy and balancing their chakras, you can correct behavioural problems, prevent health issues, and heal existing health concerns. Just as we work at balancing our own chakras, we can assist our pets in balancing theirs. In fact, our pets often mirror our own imbalances and stresses. They absorb and pick up the energy that we put out, just like sponges.

Animals are usually very aware of themselves and their energy. They attempt to balance their own chakras by rubbing or scratching the areas. However, animals that have suffered physical trauma, emotional abuse, or live in an environment that makes balance difficult may have a hard time correcting, balancing, and opening their chakras. This can lead to a physical illness or behaivoural problems.

Animals have eight major chakras. Seven of those chakras are the same as ours. The additional eighth chakra, is unique to animals. It is called the Brachial Chakra. The Brachial Chakra is on either side of the body, in the shoulders. Here is a list of the break down on the chakras in our pets.

The Root Chakra:

Located at the bottom on the spinal cord, near the tail. This chakra relates to survival, preservation, physical strength, stability, happiness, motivation, energy and communication.

Balanced: safe and secure

Unbalanced: anxious, nervous, greedy with food, excessively fearful, greedy, sluggish, underweight, restless

The Sacral Chakra:

Located below the abdomen and above the pelvis. This chakra relates to the urinary system and sex organs. It manifests as excitement, sexual desire and security.

Balanced: affectionate

Unbalanced: unloving, rambunctious, separation anxiety, over emotional, excessive whining, boundary issues

The Solar Plexus Chakra:

Located in the center of the abdomen and on the back. This chakra is related to the organs responsible for digestion and liver, pancreas, stomach, strength, purpose, and emotions.

Balanced: Confident and mature

Unbalanced: Shy, aggressive, overly alpha personality, withdrawn, dominating, lack of enthusiasm

The Heart Chakra:

Located in the center of the chest. Related to the immune system, heart, lungs, compassion, relationships, love, loyalty, emotions, balance, sensitivity, and sharing

Balanced: Affectionate, warm, welcoming to strangers

Unbalanced: Unaffectionate, fearful, timid, shy, sad, overly possessive, jealous, nervous around others

The Throat Chakra:

Located in the throat and neck area. Related to the thyroid and parathyroid glands, thyroid gland, communication, creativity, and expression, hearing and vocalization.

Balanced: Makes you understand what they need by barking only when necessary

Unbalanced Effects: Barking too much, excessively noisy, too shy, uncommunicative, doesn't listen to commands

The Brow Chakra or Third Eye Chakra:

Located between the eyes, just above the nose. Related to the external environment and its transmission to the brain, awareness, sensitivity, and sensations, perception, insight.

Balanced: able to adapt to environment and situations

Unbalanced : Hyper, very dependent, needs to receive attention, bad eyes, distant, distracted

The Crown Chakra:

Located on top of the head. Relates to the body and mind, the pineal gland, the nervous system, spinal cord, serenity, balance, peace, liberation, wisdom, and harmony with nature.

Balanced: Happy, able to connected to other animals and humans

Unbalanced: Worrying, depression, anxiety issues, difficulty with other animals and people, withdrawn

The Brachial Chakra:

Located in the shoulder area, in each side. Relates to the bond between animals and their humans, the nerves of the head, neck, chest and thorax. Links all other major chakras.

Balanced: able to form a strong bond with another

Unbalanced: separation anxiety, fearful, reluctant to be touched

To balance your pets chakras you can try the following techniques:

- Massage: Paw massages and body massages that focus on the appropriate muscles and areas of the body

-TTouch: similar to massage, a method that uses circular movements of the fingers and hands all over the body

-Reiki: energy healing that can be done in person or at a distance. To learn more about Reiki or to book a distance energy healing for your pet please visit

- Acupuncture: uses special needles, which are inserted into specific points on an animal's body. The needles help redirect the body's energy fields back into harmony.

- Flower Remedies

These techniques are often done by professionals, but there are some options you can do with crystals on your own. Before I list the ways you can use crystals, please be mindful of your pet and do not force any crystals on your pet. If you pet looks uncomfortable or walks away, then let them. Do no trap, push or force crystals on your animal. Let your pet have free will and choice. If you do something such as attaching a crystal to their collar, be aware that your pet cannot remove the collar or the crystal. Be certain that your pet reacts positively to the crystal before attaching it and never leave it on for long periods of time. Slowly introduce your animal to crystals.

6 ways to use Crystals with your pets:

- attach a crystal to their collar *please read warning above

- make a crystal layout for your pet

- place a crystal under your pets bed (be certain your pet cannot find and swallow crystal)

- infuse your pets water with crystals (be certain to remove crystal from water before placing water in pets dish)

- slowly and softly stroke your pet while holding a crystal

- mediate with your pet next to you, while holding on to a crystal in one hand and resting your other hand on your pet.

For a list of Chakras and corresponding crystals please visit:

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