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Gemini New Moon Tarot and your Familiar

The new moon in Gemini arrives in early June and brings us the opportunity to consider how our thoughts are shaping our reality. Take this time to be curious. Be open to new perspectives. Remember that our words are spells, which means that our thoughts create our reality. The things we tell ourselves, and others, mirror our reality. We have the power to shift energy (and reality) through words. This new moon in Gemini helps us understand with clarity what stories, beliefs, thoughts, and words we have been using. What do we want to continue to use and what no longer is in alignment with who we want to become?

New moons are a time to set intentions and check in on our big manifestations to consider what next step to take to bring our desires closer to reality. In addition to setting intentions, this Gemini new moon is assisting us in understanding what thoughts to release. What perceptions to change as well as what perceptions to adapt.

This Gemini new moon also puts a focus on communication and connection. Be open to new ideas. Consider who you are listening to and surrounding yourself with. Consider how you are communicating with others and the connections you are making with others.

When it comes to our familiars, the animals in our lives, we can turn to them for advice. They have insights into our energy and our thoughts. They may pick up on something that we have not yet realized. In addition to the energy from the Gemini new moon, their insights can bring clarity to how our thoughts are affecting us, so that we can choose thoughts that are in alignment with our desires and manifestations.

To work with our familiars this new moon, spend time in mediation, and connect to their energy. Ask them for advice. The energy that Gemini brings assists us in being more effective with communication. This is the perfect time to practice communicating with your animal. Use tools such as tarot and meditation to ask your animal questions.

This Gemini energy is also the perfect time to work on your connection and partnership with your animal. How can you increase and strengthen your bond? your communication?

Watch the following video for a pick-a-card tarot reading, a message from your familiar about working with the Gemini new moon, and more insights about this time.

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