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Reducing Stress in your Dog or Cat

Stress in our animals is common, just as it is with us. When stress is encountered, it is important to do what we can to minimize or eliminate it before it develops into health issues. In our animals, behavioural challenges can also be caused by stress.

Stress is a normal part of life and it isn't possible to eliminate it completely. When we know what is causing our animals stress we can then support and assist them in dealing with that stress in healthy ways. We can also assist them in building up their confidence so they can feel able to deal with unexpected stress.

These are common causes of stress in both cats and dogs:

  • strangers

  • loud noises

  • changes to daily life/routine

  • changes in the home and environments

  • when you, yourself are stressed or anxious

  • too much stimulation - too much play or exercise

  • not enough rest or downtime

Here are some ways to reduce stress in your dog or cat:

  • provide a balanced lifestyle (enough sleep, exercise, play)

  • play is especially important for cats (hunting sequence)

  • increase sleep and calm relaxing time

  • increase activities where your animal feels safe, calm, and happy

  • stop stress-causing activities, until your animal can handle them

  • increase mental stimulation (ex: treat puzzles)

  • give dogs something to chew, chewing is relaxing and calming

  • play calming music

  • Use pheromones, especially helpful for cats

  • read out loud to your dog or cat as the sound of your voice is soothing

  • deep breathing around your dog or cat

  • meditation with your dog or cat

For details and more insight on the points listed above, watch the video below:

Reducing Stress in your Dog or Cat


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