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Summer Time Care Tips for Your Cat or Dog

Animals are really in tune with energy and the change of seasons and the energy that each season brings. I’m sure that you notice a different energy from winter to summer. Animals feel this change even stronger.

It’s really easy to incorporate activities and foods that will help our animals during different seasons. I’ve noticed that it helps our animals remain calm and have an overall higher quality of life when you are aware of how nature affects them it also improves their health and their behavior when they are supported in a way that is natural to them.

Summer brings vibrant and sharp intense energy. The season brings heat, long days, bright sun, and can also bring transformations and expansion and a renewed feeling of lightness.

Things to be aware of during summer:

  • increased chances of your dog or cat becoming infected by fleas and ticks

  • heatstroke

  • sunburn — yes dogs and cats can burn from the sun, so keep them out of the sun for long periods, you can even apply sunscreen

  • dehydration

If imbalances during summer, you, your dog, or your cat may experience:

  • exhaustion

  • inflammatory conditions.

  • excess body heat & increased panting

  • a parched mouth

  • diarrhea or constipation

  • acid reflux, burping

  • skin rashes or acne

  • shortness of breath

  • heaviness in chest

  • aching joints

  • abdominal pains

  • shoulder or neck issues

  • lack of joy

  • depression

  • manic states

  • sluggishness, lethargy

  • obsessive behaviors

  • anger and aggression

  • jealousy

  • impatience

To keep your pet balanced and healthy in the summer

  • stay cool

  • mellow intensity with relaxation

  • grounding your energy

  • foster stability

  • stay hydrated

  • do quiet restful activities

  • eat a cooling diet, such as white fish or turkey

  • provide jobs and play for pets that are driven

  • get up early in the day

  • rest at mid-day (avoid taking your pets out during the hottest parts of the day)

  • exercise early in the morning or later in the day

  • go swimming or do water activities with your dog (visit the ocean or lake, set up a small kiddie pool or sprinkler)

  • eat meals that are lighter and foods that are easy to digest

  • offer your dog cooling foods (cucumber, mint, watermelon, alfalfa, apples, celery, spinach, coconut oil)

  • let your pet be social

  • bathe dogs more often

  • add water to your cat or dog's daily food, with their meals — make is soupy!

  • make pupsicles (water and peanut butter or broth ice cubes)

  • provide a wet bandana on your dog's neck or a cool towel to lay on

  • diffuse essential oils of jasmine, rose water, peppermint, lavender

For more details on Ayurveda and Summer care tips and tricks for yourself and your dog or cat, watch this video


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