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The Importance of Play

So we all know that our pets need exercise and plat time, just like we do.

But do you actually really realize how much they need or how it important it actually is?

For both dogs and cats, exercise and play can determine their health and happiness.

But how do we know how much exercise and play is enough or the right kind for our cat or dog?

One way to discover if your pet is getting enough is to look at their behaviours.

What are they doing when you are not home?

Do they listen to you when you are there?

A dog or cat that is satisfied and happy are animals that are secure, listen to you, feel confident and safe. Animals shouldn't be aggressive, stressed or anxious.

They should always be attentive, engaged and interested in you, these animals are noticeably happy and confident.

Regular play and exercise encourages calmness and confidence. Animals are more emotionally stable when they get that mental and physical exercise - which they get from play!
Listen to this podcast to discover more about the importance of play and exercise, how you can improve your pets quality of life, how to tell if your pet is playing enough and how best to play and exercise your pet.


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