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Aquarius Season Energy and Tarot for You & your Pet

Happy Aquarius Season!

Aquarius season runs from January 20 — February 18.

The vibe of Aquarius: innovation, truth, love, change, and values. Aquarius season is a time for self-love, originality, authenticity, risk-taking, and re-invention.

Aquarius is known for being independent, eccentric, and socially conscious. During this time, it may be beneficial to focus on being true to yourself and expressing your individuality. Be authentic. Focus on using your unique talents and abilities to make a positive impact on your community and the world. It is also a good time to focus on networking, building connections, and collaborations.

Aquarius season can be a great time to work with your familiar (animal/pet) and on improving your bond and communication. You can also focus on your animal’s social skills with other animals and humans. Does your familiar have opportunities to socialize and interact with members of the same species?

To listen to a tarot reading for you and your familiar, watch the video below.

If you'd like to do your own tarot reading, a spread to work with your familiar and the energy of the Aquarius season is posted under the video.

Aquarius Season Tarot for Your Pet

Aquarius Season Tarot for Witches and their Familiars
Aquarius Season Tarot for Witches and their Familiars

How will you be working with the energy of Aquarius and your familiar over the next few weeks?


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