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Manifesting and Goals with the New Moon and Capricorn Energy

The first new moon of 2024 has arrived! To me, this new moon feels extra special because it really kicks off the start of the year. Astrologically, January isn't the new year. The astrological new year begins in Spring, with the Sun's entrance into Aries, which occurs around March 20th.

However, this new moon is in the sign of Capricorn and Capricorn brings all of the new year energy! New moons are a time to set goals and intentions as well as bring new beginnings. This new moon is more of a start to the new year than January 1st is.

On the new moon, turn inward, connect to your intuition, and set some intentions! I've already decided on some goals and intentions for the year 2024, but I will be revisiting these while influenced by the Capricorn new moon's energy.

Capricorn energy is all about long-term goals, making commitments, and gaining clarity toward your dreams and desires. Use this time to bring clarity to any questions you may have about your purpose or the direction you want to be headed.

I also set goals that include my animals. Some of these goals have to do with behaviours, health, or routine while others have to do with fun and growing our bond. One of my goals is to create a routine of tricks with my dog, Penny. For more details on how I am planning and keeping track of our progress, watch this video:

What goals and intentions are you going to set for you and your animals?

The astrology at this time encourages us to embrace change. What changes do you want to occur over the year? We will also have clarity on our next steps to take to make these dreams are reality and manifest our desires. Capricorn encourages us to commit to our desires as well as the ability to be persistent and dedicated. The energy of this time brings awareness to the fact that it is our responsibility to make our manifestations, desires, and dreams a reality and the knowledge that we are powerful enough to succeed.

To assist you in creating your intentions for this Capricorn new moon and to receive a message from the animal you have a connection with, watch this pick-a-card tarot reading in the video below.


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