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Shine Bright with the energy of the Leo Full Moon & your animal.

The full moon in Leo arrives near the end of January.

Leo's energy encourages creativity, self-expression, and unabashed authenticity. During this full moon, we are asked to step into the limelight and embrace our brilliance within. Leo is ruled by the moon and asks us to match the sun's brightness.

What makes you unique? Let your authenticity be seen! Be bold, confident, and unapologetically true to yourself.

How do you express yourself? Is it through visual art? music? writing? fashion? How do you communicate with the world who you are? Reflect on how you are expressing yourself and if it is truly authentic to your soul.

A familiar is a trusted companion, often an animal, that shares a deep connection with you. During the Full Moon in Leo, strengthen your bond with your familiar and amplify the magical energy around you.

This can be done with meditation, being mindful in the energy of the full moon. Here is a meditation that you can do with your familiar that harnesses the Leo full moon and your animal's energy.

As the full moon in Leo graces the night sky, seize the opportunity to embrace your radiant authenticity. Let Leo's energy empower you to shine bright, express yourself creatively, and deepen your connection with your familiar.

Animals often act as a mirror, reflecting to us our inner emotions. What is your animal reflecting to you? This full moon can help you notice what you may need to release to ensure that you are able to let yourself shine bright. The meditation above can help you do exactly that!


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