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Do You know how your Cat is Feeling? Cat Emotions

Can you interpret your cat’s mood by looking at their face?

Cats, like humans, have different facial expressions when in different emotional states. Recognizing how your cat is feeling can strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

Cats often give subtle signs to their feelings that can easily be missed. They communicate with their body language, facial expressions, and behaviors.

When it comes to facial expressions, look at your cat's eyes, specifically the pupils, your cat's ears, whiskers, and mouth.

cat emotions is your cat happy?

Narrow pupils (thin slits) can indicate arousal, excitement, anger, fear, or pleasure. Look to their body language for more clues as to which exact emotion your can is feeling.

Narrow pupils with squinted eyes are a sign of aggression.

Wide pupils are seen in cats that are excited, scared, or anxious.

Large eyes and dialed pupils show excitement or fear.

Half-closed or slow-blinking eyes are for relaxed and content cats.

A relaxed and content cat also typically has upright ears and faces forward or slightly to the side.

A playful and excited cat has ears that are facing forward.

Ears that are flat against the cat's head show fear, anxiety, or aggression.

When it comes to whiskers if they are relaxed or pointing slightly forward this shows relaxation.

If whiskers are pulled back, this shows fear or anxiety.

For more insight into how to interpret your cat's mood, watch the video below.


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