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Work with the New Moon in Pisces and your Animal to Manifest your Desires

The new moon in Pisces arrives on March 10th. This new moon is important because it starts eclipse season. There are two eclipse seasons in a year, each lasting approximately 34 days. During these 34 days, there is a large potential for personal and collective transformation.

With this new moon in Pisces, focus on what you want to manifest!

Setting intentions and manifesting is beneficial to do during all new moons, however since this new moon in Pisces kicks off eclipse season, it has even more powerful manifestation energy.

With Pisces energy influencing this new moon, we may find it easier to tap into our imagination and notice the beauty of the world around us. We may find ourselves motivated and inspired. This Pisces new moon brings us the feeling that anything is possible, possibilities are endless. We may feel optimistic and a desire for freedom.

In addition to setting intentions and focusing on our manifestations, we may gain insight into some unconscious desires, deeply feel our emotions, or be pushed out of our comfort zone. Take some time to tap into your intuition.

This new moon is a time to believe and trust that we can create and bring our desires into reality. What do you want to occur in the future? Take the time to listen to your heart and your authentic desires.

It is important to connect with nature, art, and the energy of the Earth, to make it easier to listen to our hearts. What does our soul want to manifest?

It is time to trust the process. Surrender our desires, release control, and trust that our dreams can become reality most easily and quickly as possible.

It is also important to connect with our animals since our animals are often more in tune with our emotions than we are. Our animals act as mirrors, reflecting to us our emotions. Take some time to consider your animal's reactions and triggers. What could they be communicating with you through their reactions and emotions? What are they trying to tell you about your emotions or unconscious thoughts? The astrology of this time can provide insight into your desires, thoughts, and emotions. Our animals can help us reach these insights.

For more information on this Pisces new moon and how you can use its energy to work with your animals and to manifest your desires, watch the video below. A tarot reading to receive a message from your animal is also in the video in a pick-a-card format.

pisces new moon for witches and their familiars tarot


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