Can Cats Change their Opinion?

Its been 1 year and a few months since Tron has came to live in my house. When Tron was introduced to Cheeba, she had been here for over 5 years and she was use to being the only cat that came indoors. Since then, it has been a long and frusterating struggle trying to get both cats to live together peacefully. Today, I finally feel as if they may be getting along or at least tolerating each other.

Tron came to live with me unexpectedly. I never would have considered having another cat.

But now that he was living here, I wasn't going to let him go homeless or to a shelter. I worried about Cheeba and I didn't want to stress her or make her uncomfortable, but it was clear that she was not at all happy about the new addition. Mimi happily welcomed Tron to the house and to her backyard.

There are some steps to take when first intorudcing cats to each other. It needs to be gradual and the pace should be chosen by the cats.

This is what I did when first introducing Tron and Cheeba.

- First I had cats smell each other through a door

- Then I introduced cats to each other for short time periods in a mutual location

- I provided cats with their own space, bed, litter, food and water bowls

- I provided cats with the options for climbing up high as well as lower (cat trees, cupboards etc.) so that they could find their own space and feel comfortable in the room.

Even after taking all of those percatiouns, Cheeba and Tron were just not getting along. They would fight. They would hiss at each other and were unable to walk by each other peacefully. I found this very strange because Cheeba gets a long with all other animals and is very friendly.