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How to Bond with your Dog

Bonding with your dog is a great feeling. It isn't only an amazing relationship, but bonding to your dog also benefits your health and well being. Bonding is important for both you and your dog because both of you will live a happier and healthier life. Bonds can develop naturally through your life with your dog as you two interact and live together. Dogs tend to bond with those that give them quality attention and affection. Dogs bond to those that give them stuff they enjoy and love, good quality food, scratches and strokes, games and toys.

Is my dog bonded with me? How do I know? Do you ever wonder if you and your dog are truly bonded? What does it mean to be bonded?

Here are some signs that your dog is bonded to you:

- Your dog will check in with you when off leash and in different environments. Your dog will be exploring and at a distance from you, but never too far away. Your dog will return to you during off leash walks and adventures just to check in.

- Your dog will have a strong recall. This means that your dog will quickly come when you call.

- Your dog will not dash out the door r and attempt to run down the street or to the neighbors. Your dog will also wait in the car until you say it is time to come out. Your dog will not try to escape.

- Your dog will place themselves in your personal space. For example, they may rest their head on your lap or on your foot.

- Your dog will make eye contact with you. Your dog will look at you in the eyes. Your dog may look at you for guidance in an unsure situation or when they are frightened. Your dog will make eye contact to imitate play or to try and communicate something to you.

- Your dog will miss you when you are gone and will show this by being excited and happy when you return. They will show you this by doing a happy dance, zooming around, wagging their tail, barking, and jumping up on you.

- Your dog will try to understand what you want from them, try to follow rules and attempt to understanding training. Your dog will try to please you by doing what you wish, if they can understand what you want from them.

- Your dog will snuggle with your belongings. Anything from shoes to bed sheets.

-Your dog will seek out your affection and attention by attempting to get you to pet and stroke them.

- Your dog will listen and respond to you. Your dog will listen when you speak and obey your commands.

- Your dog will relax near you, take a nap next to you, and fall asleep with you. Your dog is showing you that he or she is comfortable around you and trusts you.

- Your dog will follow you around the house as you move from room to room, they want to be in the same space as you.

How does bonding work?

A dog usually bonds to a person that they spend a lot of time with. They will especially bond with the person that fed them and took care of them during their first months of life during their socialization period. But dogs can form bonds at any age.

How to increase your bond with your dog

You can always improve or grow your bond with your dog, no matter your dog's past or your dog's age. This best thing to do is to, spend at least 30 minutes of focused, one-on-one time together every day. This time does not include regular walks or watching TV together. Your bonding time should be active and focused, something like training, agility, grooming, massage, or fetch. Here is a list of some ideas of quality time you can spend with your dog:

- regular play

- regular training

- be consistent and stick to a regular daily routine or schedule for walks, feeding, play, training

- hand feeding

- groom your dog regularly

- massage and stroking your dog

- make your dog work for their dinner. Have them perform a few tricks or just sit and wait for a few seconds before diving into the food bowl.

- Reward your dog with their favorite game or toy after a walk or training session.

- give regular belly rubs

- practice simple training, such as sit, stay or come, when out on walks. Keep your dog on his toes!

Training is one of my favorite and most beneficial for you dog. Don't think of training as frustrating and as a way to correcting behaviors, but as something fun. It is always important to be patient with your dog, especially during training. Stay calm and relaxed.

Training is a way to build your dogs self confidence by teaching your dog new tricks and fun games.

Whatever activity you choose to do, the most important thing is to remember to spend quality time together. Quality time means that you are mindful when your with your dog, don't think about other chores, to do lists, or other people. Focus on your dog. A helpful way to easily do this is to schedule something fun everyday, even a quick 5 min game of fetch! Schedule a time that you know your dog is the focus. With every activity, learn to understand and listen to your dog's body language. This will come naturally if you are being mindful and really spending quality time together. You will learn to know your dog, listen to your dog, and to respect your dogs likes, dislikes, and wishes. In return, your dog will do the same. Your dog will listen to you, respect you, and you will learn from your dog. You will form an amazing relationship with your dog.

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