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Feeding your Dog & Cat with the Seasons

Did you know that both you are your cat and dog can eat with the seasons?

So what exactly is eating with the seasons?

Eating with the seasons is eating specific foods at different times of the year.

You eat to balance weight, energy and wellness. It is eating foods that will make you feel good. When you eat seasonally, you are eating with nature. Eating this way makes us in tune with our body and helps us feel energized all year round. Eating like this makes us happier and healthier because what happens in our environment impacts us both mentally and physically, because we are a part of nature, not separate from it. Nature and the seasons influence us as well. Trees, plants, weather patterns, planetary alignment, and the moon all affect us. When we adjust our foods and diet to the seasons, we align our internal systems to work with our surroundings. It just makes life a whole lot easier!

This way of eating affects all living beings, so if we should eat this way, we should also feed our dogs and cats this way.

If you are interested in find out how to feed your dog and cat with the seasons listen to the podcast below.

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