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Who doesn't love puppies!? I don't think there is a single person that can deny the adorableness of a puppy.

Just before Christmas, I brought home a new puppy. It is now the first week of February and this little puppy has changed our lives.

All the animals and humans in the household have adjusted to the changes and are finding joy in this new life that I have brought home.

But wow! what a lot of work. This puppy is a lot of easier than when my dog, Penny, now two years old, was a puppy. But even though she's easier, she still is a handful. I think Penny is partly the reason she is easier. She just loved to copy Penny and follow Penny around. It sure helps that Penny is a good role model.

My new puppy, Millie, still has a lot of work to do and things to learn, but we are slowly getting there. Millie is full of spunk, like all puppies. She loves to play with my cat, Zorro and run around the house at top speed. Knocking into things and causing chaos. If you'd like to meet Millie, I have a lot of videos with her on my YouTube Channel. Click the link below to access it.

Puppies can be difficult. They take a lot of time and a lot of work. First time dog owners or first time puppy owners can find it very overwhelming.

If you find yourself flustered or lost with how to teach or care for a puppy, I've got some amazing resources for you!

Bringing a new dog, especially a puppy, into your home can be very overwhelming and frustrating. Feeling this way may have you thinking "what have I gotten myself in to?" or "I can't do this!"

There are so many books to read and videos to watch, you may not know where to even start. Then when comes down to actually training your puppy, it is hard to remember all the steps, techniques and what you should actually be doing.

During the first weeks of a dog's life (the puppy stage), it is crucial that you properly socialize your puppy and train your puppy basic manners, put a stop to bad habits, while also building a solid bond and relationship filled with love.

Which is why it is important to get all the help and support that you can.

Puppy Training Package:

  • Six (6) Weeks of support and guidance

  • Puppy Training Manual (Step by step guide book) that we will work through together over the 6 weeks.

  • Private 1:1 support at all times, though e-mail, to ask any question at any time for the length of the program.

  • Weekly 45 min 1:1 Phone call or Video Call to ask questions, look at progress, solve problems, and discuss the next steps in training. (Total of 6 calls)

  • One 30 min phone or video check in to discuss any issues or questions that may have come up since last chat (occurs 3 months after our last day of the 6 week program)

This is for you if:

  • Your puppy is 8 weeks - 6 months of age

  • This is your first dog or first puppy

  • You are willing to work hard and commit to training

  • You want to create an action plan that you are ready to implement

  • You want guidance and support throughout treatment

  • You want to improve your pet's quality of life

  • You want to strengthen your bond with your pet

  • You want to live in harmony with your pet

  • You want to consider your pet's body, mind, and soul

  • You would like to use natural and humane treatments and methods

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