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Aries New Moon and our Animals help us identify Self Sabotaging Behaviours

On April 8, 2024 there is a new moon in Aries. This Aries new moon helps us identify ways we have been self-sabotaging and patterns or behaviours to change so that we can move forward towards our desires.

The energy of this time encourages us to create changes in our lives.

This Aries new moon can be healing, and insightful, bring courage, and push us towards our purpose.

Take some time to consider a different perspective so that you may receive some insight that you haven't noticed before.

We may feel an urgency to confront our reality and the courage and excitement to create change.

Aries energy can assist us in healing the perspectives of our identity. Here are some questions to ask yourself during the time of this Aries new moon.

Are you able to lovingly accept yourself and your desires?

Are there behaviors, beliefs, or patterns that are preventing you from creating change?

How are you holding yourself back?

In addition to asking ourselves how we can work with this new moon's energy, we can take some time to consider our familiars, the animals that we have a connection to. Since this Aries new moon places a focus on our behaviours, this is a great time to look at the behaviours of our animals. Consider the behaviours that we may find challenging, triggering, overwhelming or annoying.

In addition to the Aries new moon, our animals help us identify self-sabotaging behaviours by highlighting the behaviours that need work. What does your animal do that frustrates you or makes your life a little bit harder? What is your animal trying to communicate to you through this behaviour? Consider your thoughts and feelings surrounding that behaviour. Our animals communicate with us through their actions. What are they trying to point out to you and tell you?

For some advice from your familiars, insight into self-sabotaging behaviours, and advice on how to work with the energy of the Aries new moon, watch this pick a card tarot reading video:

aires new moon tarot


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