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Bird Intelligence - How Smart is your bird?

How intelligent is your bird?

I feel that anyone who has interacted with a bird knows that birds are smart. They are known for their problem-solving abilities, social skills, and adaptability.

Research on the cognitive abilities of birds has shown evidence that you need to provide both social and mental stimulation for your pet bird. Even as much stimulation as you would provide a preschool child!

If you don’t provide this for your bird, behavioral problems as well as health problems can occur.

Here are some signs that may notice in your pet bird that demonstrate their intelligence:

  • learns quickly

  • solves problems

  • mimicry

  • interactive play

  • understands social dynamics

  • memory of routine, tricks, people, experiences, commands

  • curious

  • manipulates objects to use as tools

  • using objects or toys creatively

Every bird is unique and there can be differences between breeds as well as individual characteristics and abilities of each bird. Positive reinforcement, training, and providing a stimulating environment with toys and social interaction will influence how your bird shows intelligence.

For details and more insights into the intelligence of birds, watch the video below

bird intelligence


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