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Fun-filled Activities for Aries Season to Keep Your Familiar Balanced!

Aries season is here! Aries season runs from March 21 — April 19.

Aries season is extra special because it marks the beginning of a new astrological year. This means that this is the perfect time for new beginnings and fresh starts.

The vibe of Aries is passionate, high energy, enthusiastic, courageous, growth, empowered, and self-love.

Aries's qualities are bravery, taking action, going after your desires, and finding momentum. Aries can be impulsive, impatient, angry, and prone to stress.

During this time, it may be beneficial to embrace your inner fire and try new things, initiate new projects, and focus on moving outside of your comfort zone.

Try a new activity with your pet that moves their body. If you have been curious about enrolling in a class, such as agility with your dog, now is the perfect time. Do activities with your animals where they can move their whole body, such as a hike or a fun active play session that includes climbing, jumping, and running. It is the perfect time to purchase a tall new climbing tree for your cat to play and climb on. Provide different ways for your animal to move their physical body and exercise.

Ensure that you and your animal spend time on self-care. Do activities that reduce stress. To reduce stress and calm emotions, you can use the crystals amethyst, hematite, aquamarine, or rose quartz. Keep these crystals close to where your animal sleeps or give them opportunities to engage with and spend time near the crystals.

Another way to reduce stress and calm your animal during this firey season is to use essential oils. Diffuse essential oils such as peppermint, rose, and lavender to soothe the mind and body. There are safe ways to use essential oils with animals. Be sure that your animal can leave a room that the diffuser is in if the smell becomes too much for them. Never put the oils on their skin or fur.

Spend time with your animal doing activities that you know they enjoy. What brings your familiar joy? Be sure to schedule some time during this season to do the activities that your animal always finds fun doing. What is your animal passionate about? Provide opportunities that encourage your animal to engage in the behaviors that they love to do such as running, climbing, digging, sniffing, chasing, and anything else that you know they have a blast doing!

During Aries season, it is also important to let the past go. Embrace change and new beginnings. Declutter, clean, and let go of physical belongings as well as emotions and beliefs that are no longer in alignment with who you and your familiar want to be in the future. Donate or toss old collars, leashes, food dishes, blankets, bedding, and clothes that your animal doesn’t fit or is worn out.

Use this tarot spread to work with your familiar and the energy of Aries season.

aries season

For a tarot reading and to receive a message from your familiar for Aries season, watch the video below.

aries season tarot


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