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Harnessing the Full Moon in Libra for Authenticity and Balance with Your Familiar

March 25th is the Full Moon in Libra. Like all full moons, this full moon assists us in releasing and healing. Since the moon is in Libra we are encouraged to release old thoughts, emotions, and beliefs related to partnerships and collaborations. How does your energy or emotions shift or change depending on the other people around you? How can you remain your most authentic self?

Libra energy also places our focus on harmony and balance. What areas of your life could use more balance and harmony? To help you determine the areas of your life that may need some attention, turn to your familiar.

A familiar is a trusted companion, often an animal, that shares a deep connection with you. During the Full Moon in Libra, strengthen your bond with your familiar and amplify the magical energy around you.

This can be done with meditation, and being mindful of the energy of the full moon. Here is a meditation that you can do with your familiar that harnesses the Libra full moon and your animal's energy.

Some questions to consider during this full moon period:

In what ways are you changing for the sake of another instead of for yourself?

How can you uplevel your relationship with your animal?

How can you put your ideas into action?

Do you feel worthy of love?

How can you use triggers or challenges that you experience with others to grow?

What patterns, thoughts, or emotions are being reflected to you right now?

Use this tarot spread to work with the energy of the Libra full moon as well as the energy of your animal.

Full Moon in Libra

full moon in libra


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