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How to get Cats to be Friendly with Each Other

Do your cats get along? Are your cats friends with each other?

When cats don't get along, are uncomfortable, or fight with each other, it is stressful for the whole household.

It is important to recognize when cats in the same household are having difficultly with each other to prevent long-term behavoural or health challenges.

You may be wondering if your cats do get along. Here are some signs that cats feel comfortable and safe around each other.

  • They greet each other with their tails held up

  • They sniff each other's noses when they greet

  • They rub or bump their heads

  • They groom each other

  • They sleep close together

  • They play together in friendly ways

How do cats act when they are not getting along?

  • One cat will block/prevent the other from accessing an area or belonging

  • They do not take turns while wresting and chasing

  • They vocalize at each other (hiss, growl)

  • They hide from and avoid each other

If you don't think your cats are getting along, here are some things you can do

  • Discover the source of conflict or the trigger

  • Ensure all cats are healthy without illness or pain

  • Provide more food and water bowls, litter boxes, beds, toys, and scratching posts

  • Reward positive behaviour

  • Play with each cat daily

  • Use pheromone diffusers

  • Provide more safe, cozy hiding spots

  • Work with a behaviourist

  • Create more calming and relaxing experiences to reduce stress

  • Separate cats and then slowly reintroduce

  • Be patient and loving towards both cats

Treatment varies between cats. Working with a professional helps.

Instead of feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by your pets' behavior, improve your relationship with your cat and help them heal from any physical, mental, or emotional issues. I offer a unique combination of positive reinforcement training methods with energy healing techniques, animal communication, and tarot. Apply to work with me.

Watch the video below for more details and tips on helping two cats get along and be friendly.

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