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Signs your Rabbit Loves You: How do rabbits show affection?

Rabbits are social animals, they need companionship.

Once you have the trust of a rabbit, there are ways that they will show you that they love you.

It can take a while to gain the trust of a rabbit because rabbits are often very shy and nervous.

If a rabbit loves you, it means they are comfortable around you, feel safe with you, and enjoy being around you.

How do rabbits show affection?

Here are some signs that your rabbit loves you:

  • They groom you

  • They run quick circles or figure 8's around your feet

  • They make a soft oinking sound around you

  • They nudge you

  • They initiate interaction with you

  • They lay down next to you

  • They grind their teeth near you (sounds like purring)

  • They purr when you pet them

How can you gain a rabbit's trust and love?

  • Don’t hold them or pick them up often

  • Be quiet around them

  • Provide them with lots of space to move and exercise

  • Hand-feed them treats or fruit

  • Interact with them on their level, get low to the ground

  • Spend time with them

For more details, tips, and ideas to get your rabbit to love you and rabbit affection watch the video below:

rabbit loves you affection


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